High! Five! Designs

Interior Options for Queer Homes

The care put into our spaces reflects the investment in our personal well-being we make. Choose from a variety of hand-designed items at affordable price points to add some zest to your home!


Interior Design Services

Affordable Design Assistance


Room Design Consultation

For those who want the experience of interior design consultation within the more affordable parameters of beginning with repurposing, rehabbing, and rearranging items already within the home.


Interior Element Scouting

Looking for a particular piece for your home, the right art, or upgraded furniture within your budget? Let us do the legwork for you!


Furniture Cosignment

Too busy to sell your furniture? We'll take care of it, even arranging the pickup.



Home Accessories

Upcycled and crafted weirdo home goods that won't cost you a whole paycheck. Let your strange queer flag fly in your space.