Choose Your Mar Adventure

Every 4th Monday

An absurdist interview show with local artists, entrepreneurs, and community organizers where they are each walked through a story with host Mar Curran to see if they can survive situations of varying oddness.

Podcast Coming Soon

Every fourth Monday of the month, Beauty Bar Chicago is transported to a variety of implausible catastrophes thanks to new show CHOOSE YOUR MAR ADVENTURE. Hosted by local artist and performer Mar Curran, the show bills itself as “part interview, part literary journey, part survivalist pop-quiz, and all weird.” Featuring community organizers, activists, artists, and influencers from around the country as guests, CYMA is recorded live once a month for future podcast release by Bianca Russelberg of Resonate.


A lifelong fan of choice-based novels, Mar Curran started writing their own absurdist fan fiction versions of the childhood classics for Salonathon, Beauty Bar’s former weekly arts showcase. As part of Beauty Bar’s new “Keep Mondays Weird” initiative, Curran now plays host themselves, peppering the adventures with personal questions for the guests that toe the line between deeply insightful and hilariously mundane. “Being in high-stakes scenarios really reveals people’s motivating factors,” Curran believes, “and being able to play with that in a live-audience setting is very fun for all involved.” Guests have 15 minutes to survive the novel’s twists and turns, with prize rewards picked from a cauldron for those who outlast the faux danger.


The show begins at 7:30pm every fourth Monday of the month, and is 21+ due to its bar setting. It is free to attend as well. Music after the show is provided by Beauty Bar mainstay DJ Danny Leroy.